.30 155.5gr FLAT LINE PALMA


WTC Flat Line Bullets are CNC lathe-turned from copper solids, utilizing a monolithic design to boost your speed and BC, helping you shoot farther, faster, flatter.

  • CALIBER: .30
  • WEIGHT: 155.5gr PALMA
  • G1 BC:  0.589
  • G7 BC:  0.294
  • Minimum Twist:  10
  • Over All Length: 1.440


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We designed the WTC .30 155.5gr Flat Line Palma Bullet to help you shoot farther, faster, flatter.

They fly as fast as bullets in the next lower weight class.

They have a BC similar to bullets in the next higher weight class.

This projectile has the velocity of a 125-135gr bullet, and has the BC of a 185-200gr bullet.

Because of the increased BC and higher muzzle velocities when compared to bullets in its weight class, our bullets are unbeatable in a shot-to-shot comparison. As a result, the performance increase helps extend your maximum effective range by keeping you supersonic at extended distances.


We CNC lathe-turn each bullet in-house from a solid piece of copper. As a result, this monolithic ‘copper solid’ design and manufacturing process allows us to incorporate features not typically found on swaged bullets, boosting their speed and BC.

Our mantra is Quality and Precision. And that’s exactly what you get with our custom bullets – manufactured consistency: bullet-to-bullet and lot-to-lot.


In long-range shooting, we know that consistency in our ammunition yields consistency down-range. As such, tight tolerances in reloading components = tight groups on target.

Inside each box, WTC holds projectile tolerances extremely tight – that’s right, we hold our bullets within a +/- 0.00005″ tolerance band. Crazy small.

To learn more about our bullets and the science behind their long-range technology, please visit our FLAT LINE BULLETS page for more info! Get some and get shooting!


  • CALIBER: .30
  • WEIGHT: 155.5gr PALMA
  • G1 BC:  0.589
  • G7 BC:  0.294
  • Minimum Twist:  10
  • Over All Length: 1.440


We measure and verify our bullets’ Ballistic Coefficient at the Energetic Materials Research Lab and Testing Center in New Mexico.

We gather Doppler data for each bullet’s drag profile and tabulate the results as Cd vs. MACH. As a result, we are able to provide precise ballistic data for our Flat Line Bullets, allowing shooters to utilize the exact ballistic profiles for our line of bullets.

  • CLICK HERE to download the verified doppler information for the .30 155.5gr Flat Line Palma Bullet.


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Due to US export regulations, this product cannot be shipped directly outside the US.

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