At Warner Tool Company, Inc., we do not build just any rifle. We take great pride in catering to the long range, precision shooter who demands consistency and perfection from their rifle. We have what it takes to make your target rifle shoot to the best of its capability and yours. There are many requirements to completing a rifle that shoots a six inch group at 1000 yards, and we will not compromise any of them.

Please contact us for a quote and information specific to your requirements.

We are ready, willing and able to do any and/or all of the following for your rifle:

Action Threads

Truing of your action should it be necessary.

In order for a gun to shoot at peak performance, the action threads must be true to the center line axis of that action. In addition, the lock-up

face of the action must be perpendicular to that center line. If these conditions are not met, the force created by the torque of locking up the barrel to the action will not be evenly distributed. The result of this stress is a rifle that most likely will shoot poorly.

No matter how many lugs your action has, it is imperative that they mate well with those of the bolt. If they do not, the result is uneven distribution of force on the action in the direction of the unmated lug(s).

Barrel Threads

Fitting barrel(s) to your action with the closest fit thread possible.

This guarantees that the centerline of the bore is as close as possible to the centerline of the action. Thus, the cartridge is not forced into the center of the chamber by an inconcentric action/barrel fit.

If you intend to build a switch barrel rifle, the please see our Guidelines on swapping barrels.

Barrel Chambers

Chambering your barrel with any caliber you choose.

Crowning your barrel with a recessed crown Barrel Crown.

Our chamber reamers are treated like gold as each one is ground to meet critical dimensions. As a result, your polished chamber is dimensionally correct. This allows for longer case life as your brass will not expand as far as it would with a loose chamber.

All chambers are polished and free of tool marks, thus minimizing friction between both the brass and chamber, and more importantly, the bullet and lead angle. We have an extensive inventory of chamber reamers. If we do not have the cartridge you are looking for, we would be glad to make arrangements to acquire it.

Note: If you plan on supplying your own chamber reamer: It is subject to our inspection and approval prior to use and we reserve the

right of refusal. Unless we supply the reamer, we will not be responsible for its condition. Any repairs or modifications we make to your reamer will be your financial responsibility. Unless otherwise stated, we require you to supply a head space gage and reamer print.

The actual crown is cut 45 degrees to the center line of the bore and is highly polished. It is also recessed to protect from possible impact.

Rifle Triggers & Custom Stocks

We can outfit your rifle with a trigger.

The last thing you want is a trigger that is inconsistent. We are ready to assist you in selecting the best trigger available for your action.

Choosing the stock that best fits you is as important as having a true action. If you are not comfortable in it, why would you own it? That is why we encourage you to find what fits you best. Although we know our stock is top-of-the-line, you may be more comfortable in another. Please call us, as we have a variety from which to sample and choose.