Sizing Dies

Seating Dies

We now offer micrometer adjustable seating dies for Wildcat Magnum Cartridges. This is being added to our current line of dies and it is intended for Chey Tacs, 50BMG and any other large caliber Wildcat that have nothing commercially available for them.

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At some point, you have or you will spend the money for a high dollar target rifle. Why feed it ammo from a commercial, off-the-shelf die

that may or may not yield optimum results for concentricity and brass life? WTC Dies are made from samples of your fired brass to full length size only .001 to .0015″ on the body diameter and just enough on the necks to get 30, 40, or even 50 reloads from your brass (neck annealing required).

We are pleased to offer the Magnum die. Where the standard full length sizing die is limited to cartridge size up to 30-06, the magnum die will accept cartridges larger than a 30-06 and up to a .416 Rigby. Additionally, if the base diameter of the cartridges to be sized exceeds .560, it is best suited for the magnum die.

We have now scaled up yet again and are happy to offer the 50 caliber sizing die. Now you can obtain the same exacting standards on your 50 caliber brass as you have on the smaller cartridges. Industry standard 1.5-12 thread allows it to fit in most presses. Like its smaller brethren, it is head space adjustable and is made to fit your brass and chamber combination.

One complete assembly includes:

  • 1 Head space ring & Shim set to achieve desired head space w/ spare screws and allen wrench
  • Die holder body & Lock ring (Your press must accept a 1-1/4″-12 thread). 2 part .750 diameter die inserts for one caliber.
  • Top retainer, lock ring, & lock washer. Industry standard decap/button rod assembly.
  • Lock ring wrench.

Concepts – This is what WTC Dies will give you:

  • Minimal brass sizing for flawless chambering and maximum case life.
  • Concentricities of .0005″ or better from top to bottom.
  • Head space adjustment within the die via hardened and ground tool steel retainer rings.
  • Standard die body will accept die inserts for any caliber from 6mm to 30-06.
  • Now introducing the Magnum die body that will accept larger cartridges up to 416 Rigby.
  • 2 part die insert construction – one for the body, one for the neck and shoulder.

History & Development

About 12 years ago, I decided to try to improve on a commercial die I was using for my .308. There was enough room to remove the banana shape of the body and establish a closer tolerance of concentricity of the neck. Well, that got screwed up and had to be thrown away. I then bought a new one, only to find that it was worse than the one that I had just tossed. Having wasted my money twice, I decided to make my own and began cutting the first two of what you see here.
~ Alan Warner

Please contact us for a quote and information specific to your requirements.


Body: 4140 Pre-Heat treated & blued.

Head Space rings: Case Hardened 12L14. (Located at bottom of body).

Die Inserts: Cru-Wear tool steel hardened to R.C. 63 and finish ground between centers.