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At Warner Tool Company, we cater to the competitive shooter and specialize in close tolerance, precision machine work.  Warner Sights are the staple in a good shooter's tool box and we are proud to supply them.  In addition to the sights, WTC custom sizing dies enable the shooter to achieve the necessary tolerances of their ammunition. 

Die layout

At WTC, we also build complete rifles for the competitive shooter, ranging from prone and F-Class to tactical and bench rest.  In addition, we are a full service machine shop.  From design to prototyping to small lot production, WTC stands ready to assist in your machining needs.  Capabilities include both manual and CNC milling and turning, surface and cylindrical grinding, along with single and progressive stamping.

Bear with us, as we will be unvailing a new, updated web site here very soon.

But for now; here is a price list for the new Flat Line Projectiles.  All quantities are in boxes of 50.  Pricing is introductory and subject to change .

30 Cal 155gn   $62.50

30 Cal 180gn   $67.50

30 Cal 198gn   $72.50

338 Cal 255gn  $82.50

Call or email us to get on our order list.  We will begin delivering as soon as possible.


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